A Bridgerton Too Far

Replica of first modern computer, ‘Baby’ in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
‘Baby’ Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
  • In Manchester, standing in front of a replica of the first computer built sixty years earlier, a twenty-year old girl asks: ‘Why is it so big?’
  • An Australian student who has just seen the movie Apollo 13 asks if it is a true story.
  • A young American woman thinks it is understandable that she has never heard of the Vietnam War since it happened before she was born.
  • A journalist reporting on an Australian Prime Minister’s visit to Hiroshima states that it is the only city on which an atom bomb has ever been dropped.
  • An advertising campaign for an international airline attributes Stonehenge to the Middle Ages.
A boxing scene from Bridgerton
Boxing scene from Bridgerton
Cover image ‘Lady Whistledown Strikes Back’
Cover image of ‘Passion and Principle’



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Pauline Montagna

Pauline Montagna


Writer and Self-Publisher. Author of The Slave, Suburban Terrors and Not Wisely but Too Well. You’ll find my books on Smashwords and me on Facebook and Twitter.