William Shakespeare and The Queen’s Men

Woodcut of an Elizabethan playing company on stage
  • The Troublesome Reign of King John (first published in 1591)
  • The True Tragedy of Richard III (first published in 1594)
  • The Famous Victories of Henry V (first published in 1598)
  • The True Chronicle History of King Leir and his three daughters, Gonorill, Ragan and Cordella (first entered in the stationers’ register in 1594).

John Towne late of Shoreditch, yeoman, was in a close called White Hound in Thame when William Knell came and had in his right hand a sword and jumped upon John Towne intending to kill him. Towne in fear… to save his life drew his sword of iron (price five shillings) and held it in his right hand and thrust it into the neck of William Knell and made a mortal wound three inches deep and one inch wide.




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Pauline Montagna

Pauline Montagna


Writer and Self-Publisher. Author of The Slave, Suburban Terrors and Not Wisely but Too Well. You’ll find my books on Smashwords and me on Facebook and Twitter.